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Navigating Back-to-School Season: How EduKit Can Help

Preparing for Success: Guide to a Smooth Back-to-School Transition with EduKit  
As the summer break winds down, the back-to-school season approaches, bringing excitement and challenges for … more

Creating Lifelong Interests: Engaging Hobbies for Kids This Summer

Edukit - Keep Your Kids Engaged with a New Summer Hobby  
Summer Fun at Home: Explore These Fantastic Summer Hobbies for Kids  
School is out, and summer is in full swing! So why not make the … more

Top 3 Ways to Raise School Supplies for Your School

Teachers and parents know how important it can be to have quality school supplies in the classroom. For teachers, quality classroom supplies are crucial for them to be able to adequately … more

Top 10 School Supplies for Teachers to Keep on Hand

Bulk Up Your School Supply Stash: Top 10 Must-Have Items 
Whether you are a new teacher or have been teaching for years, having the right school supplies continually on hand is essential … more

Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Schools work hard to provide a well-rounded education for a promising future, but don’t always have funds for some of the extra things that make the school experience that much more … more

New Years Resolution: Getting Your Family Involved in the Community

New Years Resolution: Getting Your Family Involved in the Community 
Are you looking for a meaningful and rewarding New Year's resolution for you and your family? Consider getting your … more

Keep Your Kids Healthy This School Year

With the school year now in full swing, cold and flu season has swept in on its coattails. Kids who filled the summer months playing outside or in limited groups now spend their … more

Easy Fall-Themed Snacks to Make with Your Kids | EduKit

EduKit - Fall-Themed Snacks to Make with Your Kids 
As the weather begins to cool, leaves start to change color and fall to the ground, and parents and kids alike slowly begin to … more

How Teaching Your Child to Ride a Bike Pays Off

Teaching kids to ride a bike ranks among the top duties of parenting, whether you live in the suburbs or a city. Who can fail to remember that scared-excited feeling of their first solo … more

EduKit - Student Athletics and Picking Afterschool Activities

As parents, we often think back fondly to our school years. The best parts were often when we finished our classes, and the fun began at various after-school sports and clubs. 
After- … more

Top 5 Fourth of July Activities to Do with Your Kids

If the end of the school year tells us that summer has officially begun, then the 4th of July means the middle of Summer has rolled around. The magic of fireflies light up the night sky … more

Teachers Save Money with Custom School Supply Kits

Everyone knows that teachers are everyday heroes. From all the hours that are poured into the preparation of lesson plans, to managing various types of behavior, to working … more

Spread the School Spirit with Personalized School Planners

Planners are an important part of teaching children organization and helping set them up for success in school. Planners help elementary and middle school students keep track of … more

Start School Right with a Kindergarten School Supplies Kit

The exciting moment has come. Your child is starting school. You can’t believe it!  Your toddler has morphed into a five-year-old, somehow, when you weren’t looking. You don’t know … more

Stay Prepared for Distance Learning with Supplies for Students

It is always difficult for school administrators to plan for the upcoming school years, but there is a good chance that distance learning or a hybrid program – a mix of in-person and … more

Providing Quality Services to Grades K-12

Most parents want what is best for their children. But now it has become more difficult as students are on again and off again with class in person or class via remote learning. There … more

Top Four Ways Schools Can Help Their Students Be Successful

Supporting student success is an important part of what schools and teachers do on a day-to-day basis. Helping students be successful can prove challenging, but it’s also often one of … more

E-Learning Success

Virtual learning is something that has been on the rise for many years. Innovative programs were paving the way for a future where e-learning could be an option for anyone who needed … more

5 School Supplies Every Elementary Student Can’t Have Enough Of

With school in session across most of the nation, kids are already beginning to break in their school supplies. Every year, it doesn’t take long to notice what your kids use the most. … more