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Back-to-school season. The aisles of stores are filled with shelf after shelf of folders, pencils, binders, markers, and a seemingly unending list of other supplies. The variety of supply options may seem excessive to someone on the outside looking in, but every parent and teacher knows that it would actually be a miracle to find all the supplies on a list at one store. This is because every school and each grade have unique supply lists created to fit their curriculum. When it comes to running a classroom, customizing a school supply list can help with lesson planning, classroom organization, and efficiency. When it comes to purchasing those supplies, however, having several customized supply lists can be a nightmare for any parent. Before it was possible to purchase school supplies online, parent’s would often go to multiple stores in order to find all the items on a supply list at a decent price due to low inventory at certain stores or specific items.

Purchasing school supplies online is a great way to make the process easier, but it does not completely eliminate the hassle. In some cases, it can still require shopping at a number of places online, waiting for multiple shipments, and buying more of something than you need in order to get the exact supply that is on the list. Teachers often discover that haggard parents give up on finding the exact supplies and make their own substitutions. This can be frustrating for the kids that do not have the correct supplies and impede the teacher’s ability to move forward with planned activities. Thankfully, there is an easier way to order school supplies online in order to get students the supplies they need – school supply kits from EduKit.

What is a school supply kit?

The school supply kits from EduKit are specially crafted directly from the unique supply lists of teachers at a school. EduKit can customize a kit for any supply list. If your teacher lists include folders that are specific colors, pencils that are a particular brand, or other hard to find art supplies – Edukit has you covered. This is not a generic school supply kit that any parent can order online – it is 100% tailored to the supply list provided by schools.

Because each EduKit is customized, getting your classroom set up requires collaboration between EduKit and a school representative like those involved in parent-teacher organizations, principals/administration, or teachers before these kits can be offered to parents. Parents can reach out to the PTA/PTO, teachers, or school administration to express interest in the EduKit program and encourage them to fill out this interest form.

Once EduKit is set up for a particular classroom or school, parents can order supply kits for their students.

Online school supply kits for parents

For parents, school supply kits can provide a long list of benefits. Getting a school supply kit online can help parents save time and money, avoid frustration, and focus on the things that really matter.

Save time from back-to-school-shopping

Parents can save time by purchasing a kit that includes all the supplies needed instead of spending hours searching in stores and online. Parents will not need to hunt down one or two stray items on a school supply list at a different online retailer because EduKit does ALL of the shopping. Saving time on school supply shopping can give families more time to spend together before the school year begins.

Save money on your child's school supplies

Using EduKit instead of doing traditional school supply shopping can also save parents money. EduKit has direct access to over 200 suppliers and the ability to purchase supplies in bulk and separate them out. Those savings are passed on to the parents who purchase an EduKit.

Minimize back-to-school stress

Choosing EduKit will allow parents to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their child is completely prepared for school. There is no need to worry about a missing item on the list or buying the wrong thing – EduKit takes care of it all. A long list of supplies is no problem when you can simply purchase them with a few clicks through EduKit. Schools that choose to participate in the EduKit program help make the start of a new year or semester much easier for parents.

Online school supply kits for parent organizations, school administration, and teachers

Every student deserves the same access to education. Inside the classroom, learning can be hindered by something as small as having the wrong supplies or no supplies at all. When students do not have the correct supplies, it is more difficult for teachers to follow through with planned activities and lessons. This can slow down the teaching process and, ultimately, the learning process as well.

School administration - Benefits of online school supply kits

School administrators often spend a significant amount of time and energy focusing on ways to ensure equity of access for each student. The supply kit program from EduKit can assist with that goal by helping administrators ensure that each student has the exact supplies and tools they need for success. In addition, making sure that all students have the supplies they need is a way for administrators to support their staff in the classroom.

Parent-teacher organizations - Benefits of online school supply kits

The EduKit program can make the lives of parents and teachers easier during the flurry of activity that happens at the beginning of each school year. Working with EduKit is a win-win for parents and teachers which makes it a perfect project for parent organizations to take on. Leadership in parent organizations can help get the EduKit program set up at their school. If you are a school representative through a parent organization, you can start the process of getting EduKit at your school by filling out the school information form.

School supplies for students learning from home

EduKit also offers supply kits for students who are participating in a hybrid or virtual learning model. Distance learners still need the correct supplies in order to succeed. In fact, it may be more crucial for distance learners to have the correct supplies because the teacher is not nearby to provide replacements or alternatives. The home supply kits are filled with age-appropriate supplies so at-home learners have the supplies they need.

Hybrid School Supply Program

EduKit is all about solutions. We understand that there is still significant uncertainty around how schools will be approaching their semesters - either at home or in person. A hybrid approach, where students would need to continue learning from both the classroom, and at home, will most likely continue to take place in the fall. Because there may now be a need for students to have access to supplies in both locations, EduKit is proud to offer a new program to supply students with both the customized supplies they will need available in the classroom as well as those needed at home. EduKit has a variety of different ways we can meet the needs for schools with a hybrid learning arrangement. We will work with each school individually to set up a program just right for them.

EduKits can either be delivered directly to the school or right to the student’s home so each student has all of the necessary supplies from day one – this ensures equity of access and minimizes stress. There is always some apprehension as the first day of a new school year approaches, but easy supply delivery can help reduce some of the stress students and parents feel at the beginning of school. Dealing with a pile of supplies and making sure to get all of them to school can add extra stress for students and parents on the first day. EduKit eliminates the need for students to separate supplies and lug them to class at the beginning of the school year.

Getting their very own customized school supply kit is also a lot of fun for students. This simple kit of supplies can help students feel excited about learning and ready to get started with the new school year. When students are excited about school it makes the transitions of getting back into a school routine and starting a new grade much easier.

How to order these school supply kits online

Parents who are interested in the EduKit program need to reach out to leadership in the PTA or school administration. The school will work directly with a dedicated account manager to get everything set up so parents can get a customized supply kit from EduKit. Once your school establishes a school supply kit program with EduKit, you can order your child’s supplies online with a few clicks.

Teacher benefits of online school supply kits

Teachers see firsthand the disadvantage it can create when students start the year off unprepared. There are many reasons why a student may show up to school without the correct supplies. Some of the most common reasons include lack of time for school supply shopping, difficulty finding items on the list, and high cost. EduKit addresses all of these common barriers and can help provide equity of access to every student when it comes to school supplies. Setting up a supply kit program from EduKit is a way to ensure that each student has the right supplies to participate and learn in the classroom.

Administrators, school reps, or teachers can all start the process of setting up EduKit for your school by sending in your supply lists for a free quote. The past year has presented unique and unexpected challenges for our educators. Knowing that every student has access to the correct supplies through EduKit can make it easier for teachers and staff to prepare for the upcoming year.

Bulk school supplies online

In addition to individualized supply kits, EduKit also gives teachers and districts the option of purchasing necessary supplies in bulk and equipping students with custom student planners. Purchasing in bulk through EduKit provides the cost savings and convenience of getting essential supplies in one place without the hassle of separating out the supplies for each student – EduKit takes care of that tedious task. There is no risk in finding out how EduKit can serve the staff and children at your school. All you have to do to get a quote is send EduKit the supply lists for the classrooms that will benefit from supply kits.

Setting up a school supply kit program at your school

As a leader in the school, you are in a position to make using EduKit a reality. There is no obligation to make a purchase after getting a quote, no contracts, no minimum order, no money required up front, and EduKit provides a 100% money back guarantee with no return shipping costs or restocking fees.

Getting set up with EduKit is a collaboration between a coordinator at the school and EduKit. A school representative will work with EduKit to establish the program and make customized school supply kits available to parents. It only takes five steps to get from starting the program at your school to having the supplies in the hands of students.

1. The school representative sends supply lists to EduKit for a FREE quote.

2. The school representative and dedicated account manager from EduKit collaborate to create a customized program.

3. Once the program is established, the school can use EduKit’s marketing tools and materials to let parents know about the program.

4. Parents use the easy-to-navigate EduKit website to order the customized kits.

5. The customized school supply kits get packaged and delivered to the school for free – ready when the students get there on the first day.

Setting up an online supply kit program for your school is beneficial for the parent organizations, school administration, and teachers. It simply makes life easier for all of the adults involved in education. Each of these groups share common goals which are positioned around the central goal of providing each student with the best possible education. Get started today with Step 1, a free quote!

Try a new way of online school supply shopping

In the past, there was only one way for parents to get school supplies for students. It typically involved an exhausting day going from store to store and combing through unorganized jumbles of school supplies until finally (hopefully) marking the last item off the list. The advent of online shopping relieved some of the stress by making it possible for parents to purchase school supplies online. Unfortunately, the process can still be time-consuming and frustrating because each grade has a specific list of school supplies. Purchasing school supplies online makes it easy to search for what you need but it may still require you to make purchases from multiple retailers.

Find the Edukit for your child's classroom
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Find the EduKit for your child's classroom

If your child's school has already established the EduKit program, you can purchase a customized school supply kit from EduKit with just a few clicks. Less than ten minutes on the easy-to-use EduKit website and all of the school supply shopping is done.

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Start an EduKit program for your school

Teachers also feel the pain of trying to find the correct supplies in the right amount. There are students who come to school each year with missing supplies and teachers often pick up the slack by purchasing extra supplies to keep in the classroom. Online school supply shopping makes the process quick and convenient but can be a financial burden on the teachers when students do not come prepared with the correct supplies.

Online school supply kits can remove some of the burden off of teachers. The kits from EduKit are customized to meet the exact specifications on the teacher’s supply list. This means that each kit will have the type, brand, and quantity of school supplies that the teacher requires for the students. Teachers will not have to face the problems that come with teaching students who do not have the supplies they need because the correct supplies are guaranteed to be inside the EduKit.

It is quick and simple to learn more about the EduKit program for your school. All you need to do is send EduKit your teacher supply list to get a free quote!

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Everyone can benefit from the convenience and value of EduKit - parents, teachers, administration, and especially the students. You can dive deeper and learn more about what EduKit has to offer by exploring the resources online.

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