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Schools customize their program offering convenience and quality to families.

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Parents buy all their child's school supplies in one convenient kit with the click of a button.

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EduKit delivers and students are prepared for the first day of class.

about EduKit

EduKits are 100% customizable. All prepackaged school supplies kits are built and packaged from teacher supply lists. They’re tailor-made for each student in every classroom—any grade and all supplies imaginable.

The EduKit program is easy to implement and sustain at your school. You get unparalleled customer service and access to a wealth of resources to support your program from start to finish.

Students love the high-quality, brand name school supplies included in every EduKit school supply bundle. Parents love saving time and money. Teachers love classrooms full of prepared students.

It’s not just easy. It’s essential. Go back to school shopping with EduKit online store, so you can get back to the moments that matter. Buy your school supply packs today!

Prepackaged School Supply Kits

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Multiple program options, marketing materials and tips, easy order tracking tools, and much more.

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Prepackaged school supply kits that match teacher lists. Easy to order with guaranteed delivery before the first day of school.

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There’s nothing we won’t do to guarantee your 100% awesome back to school experience.

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