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Shopping for school supplies can be time-consuming and stressful - that's where we come in. EduKit eliminates the hassles associated with back-to-school shopping. Our school supply kits are custom built to match teachers' supply lists for any grade and delivered directly to your school or home. Each kit contains high quality, name brand school supplies and the program is simple to offer at your school. When your students receive their prepackaged school supply kits, they will be 100% prepared for the first day of class. Teachers' classrooms will be well supplied with EXACTLY what's on their supply lists. Plus, the program is convenient and affordable for busy parents. Our customers get great value. Period. The best products with incredible service!

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School supplies in a kit - now, that's smart!


prepackaged school supplies Why shop for back-to-school supplies when you can have those supplies delivered directly to your child's school? That’s right. Fact is, we’ll even deliver convenient, customized EduKits filled with brand name school supplies directly to your home – and that’s great news for everyone, especially parents.

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Convenient!  The supply sale keeps parents from going store to store to buy school supplies. Plus, parents are assured their children will have the supplies they need on the first day of class.

Beth Yeager, Principal’s Secretary
Parr Elementary School