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With the pressure of going back to school, complicating life for parents, students, and teachers, isn’t it nice to know that EduKit has an easy solution for back-to-school shopping? EduKit provides convenience for parents to purchase school supplies, students are well prepared for the classroom and teachers have exactly what they need in their classroom.

EduKit is the best school supply box program that your school or PTA can setup for parents. EduKit works with schools to set up a program creating an easy and convenient solution for back-to-school shopping for busy parents. EduKit can also help with putting together fundraisers, so all students get the school supplies they need.

But don’t take our word for it. Look at our testimonials from parents, PTAs, and schools. Once you read them, you will be convinced that EduKit is the best school supply box supplier ever!

EduKit is a FLEXIBLE School Supplies Supplier. See what this mom has to say:

“We appreciate the company's effort to provide our school with specific, special-order items (i.e., art supplies) so that parents don't have to search all over town and then settle for a product that is "close" to what the teacher requested…”

“We have been using Edukit for more than three years. We spent a good deal of time pricing various options and found Edukit to be the most competitive pricing option as well as the most flexible group to work with. This price flexibility has made it a true value and service to our families many of whom remind PTA often to “make sure the Edukits are back this year.”

“I really can’t say enough…They are the only company I’ve found that provides the entire supply list from our school – classroom and art supplies. Their prices are also the lowest on everything. We get great customer service too!”

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“Parents think it’s terrific because it is one-stop shopping.”

“I just had to tell you how awesome the online ordering for the EduKit was – I think I did it for our family in less than 2 minutes!!”

“Convenient! The supply sale keeps parents from going store to store to buy school supplies. Plus, parents are assured their children will have the supplies they need on the first day of class.”

“I love that we don’t have the stress of going on a school scavenger hunt for the specific school supplies that are needed.”

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cost effective

Read how this mom avoided impulse buys because she bought EduKit’s school supply box:

“I always end up buying more than I want to at the store because the kids want all the "extra" cool stuff on the shelves that's not on the list.”

“With 4 kids, EduKit has saved me so much $ over the years.”

“We love Edukit! It is so much less expensive than running around to 3 different stores trying to find the supplies we need.”

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EduKit makes sure that the school year starts smoothly with the best school supply kits. This parent says:

"I have looked into other companies and quite frankly they don't quite measure up to the customer service you offer.”

“We surveyed parents and they said the prepackaged school supply sale was the best service the school provided them all year.”

“Edukit was an easy company to work with, and accommodated our needs, even though we were late getting our orders in. The kits arrived as promised, in a timely fashion. The parents loved not having to worry about the hustle and bustle of back-to-school supply shopping, and the students came to school on the first day with all their supplies ready for them on their desks.”

Are you convinced that EduKit is the best thing since sliced bread?

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