Edukit FAQ's

1. How does the EduKit program work?

EduKit pre-packages high-quality, durable school supplies into custom kits for students based on individual teacher supply lists. The school launches an EduKit program, gets matched with a dedicated EduKit account manager, and then spreads the word throughout their school community.  Parents purchase their child’s school supplies in one convenient kit and students arrive fully prepared on the first day of class!

2. What’s the main advantage of EduKit?

Convenience. Teachers, parents and kids all benefit from EduKits. Take the long lines and rickety carts out of back to school shopping. With EduKit, parents order school supplies faster than it takes to load the kids in the car, and teachers get exactly what they request for classroom success.

3. Is EduKit a one-stop shop for back to school?

Yes! We can package anything in an EduKit. Get everything you need from a single, convenient source. Choose where you want the kits delivered and enjoy guaranteed delivery before the first day of school.

4. How do I launch an EduKit program at my school?

Check out our Program Info page to get started. Learn how the EduKit program works in five simple steps and request a free quote to begin the process. It’s super easy to manage and coordinate.

5. Is there a minimum order quantity?

Nope! Your school is not required to purchase a minimum number of kits.

6. What about leftover kits?

EduKit is a risk-free program. We offer a 100% money back guarantee with no return shipping charges or restocking fees for any leftover kits or extra bulk items.

7. Do you guarantee delivery before the first day of school?

We sure do. School coordinators choose exactly when and where kits get delivered. Receive school supply kits either at the students’ homes or at the school with free inside-school delivery.

8. What if parents need more time to order?

Not a problem! Our summer ordering program allows parents to order EduKits online up until a few weeks before school starts.

9. Can EduKit even package specialty items requested by teachers?

Absolutely! EduKits are 100% customizable, which means there’s nothing we can’t package.

If you can dream it, we can ship it. If you need it, we got it. Snacks? You betcha. T-shirts? Easy. Beans? Haha, but yes. Glitter glue? Got that too. We got all the things at all the best prices. 

10. Won’t I save more money if I shop back-to-school sales at superstores?

We have done multiple surveys and they all reveal the same thing—parents spend the same amount of money, and often more than the cost of an EduKit, when they buy from the superstores. We source high-quality products from over 200 suppliers to save busy parents both time and money.