Top Four Ways Schools Can Help Their Students Be Successful

  successful elementary student

Supporting student success is an important part of what schools and teachers do on a day-to-day basis. Helping students be successful can prove challenging - especially in the current environment that includes so much uncertainty about when education will return to normal. Despite the uncertainty, there are some core ways that schools and teachers can support student success whether they are learning in person or virtually.

1. Be clear with goals

Clarity is important when it comes to setting goals for the school, teachers, and students. Schools and teachers can aid in the success of students by setting clear, measurable, challenging, and achievable goals. Setting goals that meet these criteria can seem intimidating for students so it is important to make goal-setting a collaborative effort. Making the goals clear and measurable will help students know exactly what they are working toward and if they are being successful. Setting challenging goals helps prevent boredom and complacency while making them achievable minimizes frustration. Learning to set and achieve goals is something that will help students be successful in school and throughout life.

2. Empathize with your students

The last year presented schools and teachers with extra challenges in all areas of education. Learning to teach online, keeping up with students virtually, and facing the uncertainty of living through a pandemic all made being a teacher more challenging. Students also experienced a lot of changes and had to face a long list of unknowns. This situation highlighted the value and importance of teachers empathizing with students. One of the most effective ways to express empathy is to develop a personal connection with each student. When students see that teachers understand what they are experiencing it can transform the student-teacher relationship and have a positive impact on student success.

3. Offer a school supply kit program

There are a number of factors that can create barriers to student success in the classroom. Coming to school without the correct supplies is one of those potential barriers. It is more difficult for both students and teachers when students do not have the supplies they need in the classroom. Offering a school supply kit program is a way that schools can aid the success of students. Setting up a school supply kit program - like the one offered through EduKit - will provide every student with access to the same school supplies. And, as an added bonus, parents will appreciate having access to a school supply kit program because it makes the process of getting supplies much easier.

4. Be creative with lessons

It can be a challenge to ensure that every student in the classroom remains engaged. Finding ways to keep students engaged can help them learn more deeply and look forward to learning in the future. One of the most effective ways to increase student engagement is to be creative with lessons. Making lessons fun and interactive can help keep the attention of students. Games, hands-on activities, and role-playing are all options for adding creativity to your lessons.   

The impact that schools and teachers can have on the lives of students is far-reaching. Being clear with goals and empathizing with students will help them see a clear path to success and feel supported along the way. Offering a school supply kit program helps provide equity of access so every student in the classroom can be successful. Being creative with lessons can keep students engaged and help them develop a love of learning. Student success is a collaborative effort in which schools and teachers play an important role.