Spread the School Spirit with Personalized School Planners

  Ensuring Student Success with Personalized School Planners     

Planners are an important part of teaching children organization and helping set them up for success in school. Planners help elementary and middle school students keep track of their assignments, plan for important dates, and develop important organization skills. They encourage productivity, goal setting, and community. But perhaps more significantly, schools can inspire school spirit when they customize their planner with mascots, important events, documents, calendars, and announcements relevant to your school.

Organization Made Easy

Personalized school planners are a visual cue for keeping on top of assignments. They reduce student stress because all the assignments are in one place. This is great for developing organizational habits and leads to increased productivity when used consistently.

Planners are an essential tool to help students organize their school lives. Our planners can be customized to make organization fun.

A Great Tool For Productivity

When students have a calendar with all their deadlines and events, their productivity increases, and they are more prepared. This helps lead to less procrastination and cramming, helping your student achieve academically.

Keep Goals Fresh

Many teachers encourage students to set goals, either behavioral or academic. Students write them down in their personalized school planners, allowing them to see them constantly. This helps build good habits and set them up to achieve their goals. If parents can see the goals too, they naturally become part of a discussion which can be very motivating.

Communication Is Clear

A personalized school planner helps keep the line of communication between parents, students, and teachers open. Letters home can be tucked into vinyl pockets. For parents who are not very tech-savvy, important information is easy to see in one place and easy to find. A personalized calendar has all the school functions, vacations, holidays, and important testing days. A planner can clarify if there was homework for a particular class. And not every student wants to tell their parents when there is a teacher open house coming up. So, parents will find the planners useful too.

Customizable for All Grades

Every grade level needs its own set of items to be included in a planner. As students progress through school, they will have more structure to their day and might need more space in their planners for tracking assignments and upcoming testing days. These are all things that can be customized to meet your school’s unique needs. A personalized school planner can help ease the transition and teach them time management habits that extend on into adulthood.

Personalized School Planners Are Beneficial for The School Too

From Kindergarten high school, personalized planners are extremely useful. The content and format can be tailored according to their needs and requirements. Specific school policies can be added.

Many schools have an interpretation of a Student’s Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R) document, which details expectations for students and the code of conduct for behavior and the use of digital resources. If the SR&R is included as part of the planner, then it is accessible. A signature page can be included for students and parents, which makes it much easier to collect.

Planners Last The Whole Year

Students are hard on their backpacks and are always slinging them around or dropping them on the floor. What is good to know is that the personalized school planners are durable and should survive any rough treatment. Sturdy cardstock covers ensure that they don’t get ripped off easily.  

EduKit’s personalized school planners make everyone’s life easier and spread a sense of community.

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