EduKit - Student Athletics and Picking Afterschool Activities

Choosing Fun Afterschool Activities

As parents, we often think back fondly to our school years. The best parts were often when we finished our classes, and the fun began at various after-school sports and clubs.

After-school activities for our kids are a great way for them to develop important life skills in a fun and rewarding environment. After-school activities can even help them spend less time on their electronic devices and more time developing important, in-person relationships with their peers.

In the modern workplace, you will find that academic success is not the only yardstick that recruiters use to assess potential employees. Soft skills learned in environments like afterschool activities often are just as important as academic achievement. These after-school clubs and teams held at your child’s school help develop soft skills like teamwork, time management, ability to take criticism, flexibility, communication, and many more important skills.

So, when school starts, have your child consider signing up for a sports team or club that interests them. Afterschool activities help your child to develop a healthy mix of soft skills, teach them how to play a lifelong sport, find a new hobby in their favorite club and even make new friends.

Sports have a lot of benefits

Research has shown that the importance of after-school sports can’t be underestimated. Sports are vital when it comes to your student’s social, emotional, and mental well-being, and physical development. They might not be for everyone, but they have been shown to have a major impact on our youth. They can decrease stress, anxiety, and depression, while increasing self-esteem and confidence, all at a time when your child needs it most.

Other important advantages gained from participating in sports are the improvements in cardiovascular fitness, the development of important skill sets like teamwork, self-control, and sportsmanship, improved social skills, and the fun had while playing on a team!

There are many types of sports that your child or teen can choose from year-round. Having your child choose their favorite helps make the activity enjoyable and takes some of the pressure out of playing. It doesn’t matter what sport your child chooses as long as they enjoy themselves.  

Examples of sports that your school may offer include:

  1. Soccer
  2. Football
  3. Gymnastics
  4. Baseball / Softball
  5. Swim team

Clubs Give Students a Chance to Explore

For those students that are less interested in sports, they still have plenty of options for afterschool activities! They provide a safe, structured environment where they are challenged in new and exciting ways that are very different from the classroom structure they are so used to. Since schools offer many choices for clubs, your child should choose one that sparks their interest, whether it’s an activity they’ve done before or they’re interested in learning something new. Clubs should be all about enjoyment, and when your child is having fun in their afternoon activity, they are also learning valuable skillsets that will benefit them later in life.

Clubs allow for participation in a supervised, constructive environment where interests can be developed in a fun social way. Some clubs have expectations regarding attendance that can build your student’s reliability and responsibility. Clubs such as Robotics, Coding, or Cooking have a long-lasting impact by building career experiences and job skills that are useful later on. Chess or Debate clubs teach critical and strategic thinking. Band, Choir, or Drama allow students to develop their creative sides. Other clubs such as the Gardening or Nature Club may drive awareness and develop new hobbies.

There are plenty of experiences gained by participation in clubs that have a lasting impact on your child. What is important is that your student chooses an activity that they enjoy – something that is fun for them!

So, while your child takes part in their favorite after-school activity, and you’re focused on the logistics of carpooling, let Edukit worry about their school supplies kit. You can count on Edukit to deliver the right school supplies for your student, and you will get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your student is ready for anything both inside the classroom and during their afterschool activities