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  K12 Online School Supply Lists Make Back to School Easy

Most parents want what is best for their children. But now it has become more difficult as students are on again and off again with class in person or class via remote learning. There are many factors leading to success for children, but in times like now, to be honest, it’s getting a little difficult.

Educators know what makes students successful at school. There are many factors both at school and at home that contribute to their success. A good diet, plenty of sleep, regular school attendance, are just a few. But on the academic side, one factor that is equally important is instructional resources.

While parents can leave the projectors, computers, and other technological resources to the schools, one thing that schools can do to help their students learn is by providing EduKit with a list of school supplies for any grades K-12 so parents can order an online kit. Teachers can specify what materials their students need and then have them available for easy purchase with an EduKit. The bonus is that having the right resources levels the playing field no matter the economic background or the personal situation of the student.

What the future holds for students is uncertain right now, but one thing to know for sure, is that EduKit has got their back. It doesn’t matter if the students are at elementary, middle, or high school, EduKit can create a kit for them.

EduKit receives the school supply lists online from the K- 12 teachers and then provides prepackaged brand names, or brand equivalent options in school supplies kits for all ages from students in Elementary school, K- 5th grade, to Middle School 6th – 8th grade and High School 9th – 12th.

Supplies are ordered online and either delivered free of charge to schools or directly to homes for a small fee.

Below is a list of examples about how the K-12 school supply kits are different according to grade level.

Elementary School: K – 5th grade

Supplies for our youngest children are more general. They range from fat crayons, construction paper, and scissors for small hands to pipe cleaners and fun noodle shapes for art projects. Need to drill some multiplication? EduKit has multiplication flashcards and composition notebooks for older students.

Middle School 6th – 8th

Middle schoolers have an academic curriculum which is more demanding. They are becoming more independent and more individual. So, it follows that their school supplies lists are different than elementary. Kits can have calculators, three ring binders, college rule filler note paper, protractors, compasses, and pencil cases.

High School: 9th – 12th

High school is all about personalization and finding one’s own identity. There are more electives in school and different intensities for the subjects. As a result, the supplies are more specific.

Do the students need art materials or book covers? The great part about EduKit is that each of the K-12 school supply packs are fully customizable and the kits can be tailored specifically for each grade by teachers submitting their material lists online.

EduKit prides itself on its service. From the brand name products to the sturdy boxes they are shipped in; to each account manager that is assigned to the schools; to the online order system where searches can be done by name, date of order, grade or payment. EduKit makes it easy. EduKit will be a partner from the day the order is placed to when it is dropped off. And if something is not right, EduKit will provide missing items, replace damaged products, or if the kit needs to be returned, it will be picked up without any extra fees.

For more information and how to submit your K – 12 school’s supply list online for an EduKit, go to the program page. Or contact EduKit directly to learn more! Check out our downloadable brochure which has more information about how EduKit is special in every way.