Teachers Save Money with Custom School Supply Kits

  Turn Your School Supply Lists into Custom Kits      

Everyone knows that teachers are everyday heroes. From all the hours that are poured into the preparation of lesson plans, to managing various types of behavior, to working tirelessly with beloved students to provide them with the education they need for success in life. Most everyone can, and should, recognize that teachers have a lot on their plate.

One area where teachers don’t receive enough credit is when they provide school supplies to the students who don’t have them, either because they don’t have the correct materials, or they simply are missing them. It can be a struggle for parents to match exact materials, especially for supplies they haven’t heard of before or when stores are all out of the supplies they need.

In a survey done in 2021 by AdoptaClassroom.org, the data revealed that about 95% of teachers from all over the USA say that their class supplies budget does not meet the needs of their students throughout the school year. In fact, 65% of educators say their biggest obstacle to a productive classroom environment was students having the appropriate school supplies. Without the right supplies, many students may have a difficult time succeeding in the classroom and could fall behind theirs. In this survey, the teachers conceded that they spend an average of $750.00 on school materials out-of-pocket to provide equity to all their students.

This is where school kit programs, like those found at Edukit, can assist. Using the teacher’s supply lists, Edukit creates custom kits available for parents to purchase. The teacher receives exactly what they wanted and the parents have an easy option to ensure their child is well prepared for class. EduKit works with the school to ensure the kits meet the teacher's specific school supply list needs, whether they place importance on brands or on quality value items for schools that are budget-minded.

EduKit even has options to help set up fundraising programs for the school to help raise funds that the school can allocate throughout the school year to further support their students. Or, if the school has allocated funds for school supplies, a program can be set up with the school itself. Teachers can rest easy knowing that classroom equity has been achieved with regards to every student having the materials they need to succeed. It’s a win-win for everybody!

So, talk to your school and encourage them to sign up for Edukit’s custom school supply kits to ensure your classroom gets exactly what is needed to start the school year right.