Top 3 Ways to Raise School Supplies for Your School

A box marked for donations filled with various school supplies like scissors, notebooks, pens, paints, and a backpack

Teachers and parents know how important it can be to have quality school supplies in the classroom. For teachers, quality classroom supplies are crucial for them to be able to adequately teach their students. Ideally, no teacher should ever have an issue with having enough supplies. For parents, they want their children to succeed in school and learn all they can.

As you may know all too well, this can happen to any school. Just having enough materials can be a struggle for some classrooms, and unfortunately, teachers are often left to either pay for supplies out of their own pocket or go without simple items such as pencils, paper, notebooks. It’s an unfortunate reality that all teachers should prepare for so they can ensure they’re never without the essential supplies they and their students need and can start the year confidently. In today’s blog, we have gathered a few of the best ways to collect school items for your next school year.

#1 – Get Your School Started with EduKit

EduKit is a revolutionary program that makes it easy for students to get the supplies they need with ease. EduKit works by giving customizable options to schools and classrooms by letting teachers choose what each kit will include. Once the kit contents are decided by your teachers, parents order all their child's school supplies online with the click of a button. From there, supplies are delivered directly to your school, making it easy for students to get the supplies they need without any hassle. Because teachers make the customized supplies list, they can ensure nothing is missed, choose brands that make the pricing easier to manage for parents, and provide every student with the same access to quality supplies that set them up for a successful school year.

EduKit programs are easy to implement and sustain at your school. There are even fundraising options available for the school, so that raised funds can go towards education systems or even ordering teacher supplies for every classroom. Use EduKit for a school supply program you can trust.

#2 – Donate Money for Supplies

To make things easy, the PTA at your school could organize a way in which parents could donate money for students who need quality supplies. If the end of the year is creeping up and there isn’t a lot of time for the administration to approve a school supplies fundraiser, this could be a viable option for next year. The school can then pool the donated money for supplies and talk to EduKit about ordering kits in bulk.

As you may know, anything and any amount will help. By implementing this kind of plan, you can also get a good feel for how willing others are to participate in something such as this and how involved they want to be when it comes to fundraising efforts. Sometimes, the end of the year can be crazy with all the classroom parties and preparing students for summer, so a simple donation effort – like sending a donation envelope home with students – can help alleviate the extra planning that would need to happen at this time.

#3 – Host an End-of-Year School Supplies Drive

At the end of the year, when school is out for summer, a lot of the leftover supplies from the year are thrown out or never used again. Some people may be wondering how to donate these supplies to schools. An end of the year school supplies drive is a great way to give these supplies a second life. Any lightly used items can be used again by collecting these and distributing them to classrooms for the next school year. Pencils, pens, folders, notebooks, binders, erasers, notecards, and other common school supplies are items that can be used again and again. Simply set up bins around each hallway or the front entrance, and as students or teachers begin clearing out their desks and classrooms, they can drop off their donation supplies. This can help these items avoid the landfill and give teachers extra supplies to distribute as needed in the upcoming school year. This is a great way to show young students the importance of donating school supplies, recycling, and helping eliminate waste.

Sign Up for an EduKit Program

EduKit has been transforming the way students get school supplies for over 30 years, and we would love to make gathering your school supplies lists simple. Students love high-quality, name-brand supplies just as much as teachers love having students that have all the supplies they need to stay focused in lessons and succeed throughout the school year. EduKit provides the chance for parents to save time and money by eliminating trips to the store and gives teachers peace of mind that their students have everything they need. Each kit is tailor-made for every unique classroom, and supplies can be provided for any grade level. We want every back-to-school experience to be non-stressful and easy for teachers, parents, and students alike.

Learn more about our school supplies program today and make collecting supplies for the upcoming school year simple.