Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Kids setting up a bake sale for a school fundraising event

Schools work hard to provide a well-rounded education for a promising future, but don’t always have funds for some of the extra things that make the school experience that much more enjoyable. 


Field trips, educational supplies, special projects, sports, classroom improvements, and many other school upgrades require lots of investment – often upwards of several thousand dollars. Unfortunately, outside funding and school boards usually only manage a portion of the cost needed for many of these activities and projects.


Holding fundraisers is a great way for schools to fund activities and create positive experiences for students and families.  One of the most important factors when choosing a fundraiser is simplicity.  Keeping things simple helps increase participation and overall success rates.  Here are 8 simple fundraising ideas that are perfect for elementary schools and sure to be a hit with teachers and parents alike.

  1. Edukit Fundraising

Edukit Fundraising is one of the best ways to provide your students with the supplies they need while fundraising at the same time. We all know how important school supplies are. Every student needs them right from the start. Edukit lets you customize high-quality school supply kits for parents to order online at a click of a button. Your teachers can create tailor-made kits based on the supply lists for their class, which are then turned into school kits available for parent purchase. There are no minimum purchase requirements to set up an EduKit program, they are shipped to either the student’s home or to the school.


Setting up an EduKit program as a fundraiser is easy.  Dedicated account managers have experience setting up fundraiser programs in a variety of ways and will work with you to develop the best program for your school.  It’s a win, win for everyone- parents order all their school supplies in less time than it takes to get the kids in the car.   Students are well prepared with the supplies they need and the school earns money on each kit purchased.


We also provide up-to-date marketing materials that help to easily reach out to parents and offer the kits they need for the next school year. With just a few clicks, they can place their order online. Sign up for our fundraising program and get premium school supplies with the opportunity to raise funds.



  1. Book Collection

A book collection fundraiser is a fun way to encourage children to raise donations. Here the idea is to give books as presents to the students to raise funds. Partner up with a local library, as they also benefit from students taking more interest in reading and literacy. Plus, any books that aren’t given to the children can be donated to the library.


There are a few library fundraiser platforms that allow donation collection for schools. You can sign up for such programs and ask students to create their own donation pages. They can then easily reach out to family and friends online to raise funds and earn their favorite books as rewards. This type of fundraiser can also be held completely online.


  1. 50/50 Raffle

Raffle draws are some of the most creative and simplest ways to raise funds for schools. Festivals, fairs, trivia nights, game events, and many other events offer an excellent venue for holding a raffle.  Often with little or no booth fee for schools.  A 50/50 raffle is similar to a regular raffle with a small variation. In a 50/50 raffle, the school keeps half of the amount collected from ticket sales, while the winner receives the other half. Make sure to promote the event to attract lots of participants. Keeping the ticket price low is another good way to increase sales.  Raffles offer a high rate of return for minimal effort in organizing, and can be done repeatedly throughout the year.  Think sporting events at your high school, and announce the winners at half time. 



  1. Bake Sale

Arranging a fair of baked goods is delightful for everyone. Encourage all the parents, students, and staff to prepare baked goods and sell them at stalls. You can also invite restaurants to sell baked food items at your fair. Here you can charge stall fees to raise funds or negotiate a percentage of the sales from each stall to generate donations.  Local grocery stores will often donate to these types of fundraisers.


       5. Picture Day

Consider having a picture day event at your school.  Partner with a local photographer, or one who takes your school pictures in the Fall. Set up the event in the cafeteria or gymnasium, advertising fun family portraits that support the school’s goals to raise money.   This unique idea is successful because parents love having the portrait, but organizing the time to make it happen can be a struggle.  Promote your event with letters sent home with students.  Encourage family portraits, sibling portraits, friend group portraits – the sky is the limit!

Select a day for the picture event and invite the whole community. We suggest preparing a few simple package options for parents to select for purchase.  Print copies or post the package options on a QR code that parents can easily scan and order prints.  Preparing beforehand helps prevent confusion and hassle on the big day. Don't forget, customarily, the photographer receives a portion of the donations.  Negotiating the best terms for your school up front can ensure optimum benefits for everyone involved.


  1. Holiday Decor Sales

Hosting a holiday decor fair at the school is an innovative and fun event for schools that can be focused on a variety of holidays.  Place a donation box by the admin office to collect used decor and crafts from students as the holiday draws near. Then sell the décor at an event fair hosted by the school.  Local businesses will often donate supplies for these types of fundraisers. Invite students, families, and community members to your fair to boost sales. Collaborate with parents and staff to create one-of-a-kind decorations for your school fair to raise more funds. You can also encourage students to make handmade creations for sale.


  1. Art Show

Arrange an art exhibition in your school hall or grounds where students can showcase their paintings and artwork created at school. Invite parents, relatives and the community to the exhibition. You can raise funds through ticket sales, donations, and through the sale of the artwork itself.  A fun approach to this fundraising option is for schools to have multiple grades participate in a common theme. 


  1. Restaurant Partnership

This fundraiser will help you earn donations while supporting local businesses. Collaborate with  local restaurants and food trucks interested in promoting their businesses at your school.  Hold a dining out event where people can sample select items from each vendor.  Spread the word about the event to your student’s families and the community. The vendors donate a portion of sales to the fundraising campaign.


No matter which fundraising campaign your school selects, keep in mind the overall goal: benefitting everyone involved. Involve your local PTA. Ask students what they thought about the last fundraising event held.  What did they like best, and what did they like least?  Factor these details into your decision.  It will help with the participation rates later. Lastly, always make sure to manage your expectations of Teacher’s involvement.   

Happy fundraising!  With the funds raised, you can continue to provide students with the “extras” that make the school year more memorable.   

Please post images and updates of your fundraisers throughout the year on social media, and tag Edukit so that we can help cheer you on!  We love to hear from you!