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Edukit is a first-rate school supplies store, offering unrivaled customer service, plus a personal touch when it comes to getting your students prepared for the first day of school.
Serving various schools in cities across the nation, we provide customized, prepackaged school supply kits that can be tailored for any and all school supplies lists. Need googly eyes, sponges and glitter, in addition to standard sized packages of Crayola crayons? No problem. We have everything you need for science projects and holiday arts and crafts, plus a selection of Value Options to help keep prices as low as possible.
Getting everything on your child’s school supplies lists can often turn into a city-wide scavenger hunt across multiple stores with crowded, disordered school supply aisles. We save parents time and energy with our unique online school supplies store by allowing them to order supplies through a customized program set up through their school.

The first step is locating your school in our online database. Have you searched for your school yet? Can’t find your school? No problem! Give us a call, and we’ll get your school set up in our system.
If you’re a teacher or head of your school’s parent organization, our online school supplies store has all the tools you need to put together a fantastic school supplies program for your students, including a helpful planning guide to help you get started.

With EduKit, preparing your students for a year of learning, fun and growth is as easy as ABC. We guarantee that you’ll get exactly what your students need, without all the stress and hassle – all with just a couple clicks of a mouse. Contact us today.

More about EduKit School Supplies Store

Based in Colorado Springs, CO, and a member of the Better Business Bureau, EduKit has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the educational community. Don’t be shy in asking us how we can help your school! 

Visit our testimonials page to learn more about why we are a preferred school supplies store for teachers and parents.

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