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Arizona summers are hot enough to make even the bravest kids rush back to school with an eager, ready-to-learn attitude. But even an air-conditioned classroom can get uncomfortable when students aren’t equipped with the right school supplies. Parents have to rush to the stores, fish through the wreckage that is left from the previous school supply shopping storm, and spend time scavenging for supplies that may just be out of stock. When one student doesn’t have the supplies he or she needs, it affects their opportunity to make the most of the day’s lesson. Unprepared students have to pair up with others or teachers must improvise the lesson plan to ensure every student has a fair chance of learning the material. Parents, students, and teachers all feel the burden of school supply shopping in one way or another, but there’s a brilliant way that school coordinators can help ease the chaos.

School coordinators carefully juggle the needs of the students, the parents, and the teachers. They do their best to ensure every child gets the best education possible with the available resources and act as a liaison between many groups. As each new school year draws near, “back-to-school” shopping commences. But not every student gets all the right supplies.
When a student goes to math class with the wrong type of calculator, it’s a setback for the student, the teacher, and likely many in the classroom. But what if there was a perfect way to circumvent this dilemma?

School Supply Bundles

There are 1,044,785 children in Arizona K-12 public schools, and school starts roughly around the same time every year. That’s a rush hour of supply shopping at the local stores, making back-to-school time seem more like a Black Friday. But there is a way to avoid the stores altogether--- an EduKit school supply bundle.
School supply bundles end everybody’s troubles. Custom built school supply kits provide every student and every teacher the exact supplies and brands needed for the school year. They’re delivered straight to the school or to the home so that parents can get a break from the back-to-school-shopping-chaos. Students are prepared from day one, and the kits are affordable. For coordinators, school supply kits are a win-win all around.

EduKit Easy Setup

Coordinators can begin the EduKit process with a few easy steps. Fax or email updated supply lists to receive a free estimate in three business days or less. Your school is assigned to an account manager so that you can get any questions answered hassle-free. Get the program tailored to your school’s needs with the “Customize Your Program” form. When you’ve got final prices and the updated supply lists ready to go, start spreading the word!

EduKit Online School Supplies

The best way to make EduKit work for everyone is to make sure everyone knows that it’s available. Teachers can provide each student with an order form and make them available at events or in the main office. Send updates or reminders through email or social media to ensure that parents know they can save time with a quick kit order. Supplies are delivered how and when you want them. Once teachers and parents get an idea of how convenient EduKit is, they’ll never look back!

EduKits are custom-fit for any student. Nothing more than necessary, and never less than. Personalized service and online tracking tools make the worries of orders-gone-rogue non-existent. Every kit is made age-appropriate so that your seventh-graders don’t end up with crayons and your first-graders with scientific calculators. Free shipping to the school only makes EduKits even better, and the safely packaged supplies will arrive damage-free so your students can get to learning without delay.

For the Parents

Parents are superheroes without the capes. They sacrifice sleep, adjust their already busy schedules, and make do when it seems downright impossible, all for the sake of their children. But when there’s an opportunity to make the back-to-school process easier, it should be taken. With EduKit, parents can send their kids to school without a single trip to the store for last-minute supplies. Students, teachers, and parents can rest easy knowing their school year is off to a perfect start.
If your school isn't already participating in pre-packaged school supply bundles, contact your coordinator or PTA today!