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EduKit makes it easy for coordinators to manage their kit program with great online tools and helpful downloads! Just like we do for busy parents, we want to make this process easy for coordinators as well! We know you're busy and we work hard to make everything as simple as possible.

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Our school supplies company works wonders for coordinators. Just when you think another program at your school could be tedious and time-consuming, EduKit comes through to provide you with the capabilities that will do the thinking for you.

EduKit’s coordinator web tools include:

• Order tracking

• Sort orders by grade, family name, date and more

• Print distribution lists

• Link to from your school’s website

• Other great features coming soon!

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"We surveyed parents and they said the prepackaged school supply sale was the best service the school provided them all year."

Camill Whitright, PTO President
Foothills Elementary
Colorado Springs, CO