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School Supply Packs for Elementary Students

What We Do Better...
For parents, for teachers, for students, these convenient, customized school supply packs are filled with brand name products that match the requests of each teacher in each grade. We have middle school and elementary school supplies. Parents avoid running all over town to find a specific item only to fight long lines and frustrated shoppers. Teachers receive exactly what they requested. Plus, students have all the supplies they need for that all-important first day of class. We call that back-to-school without the back-to-school hassles. You’ll call it EduKit. All the convenience, value, and quality without the stress that those so-called “super” stores cause.

Plus, our customer service is one class act. We are here to provide the very best service we possibly can and to assure that the very best school supply packs make their way to you. Check out the info below!

Prepackaged School Supplies

Best School Supply Packs for Elementary Students

EduKit: Online ordering of school supply packs available throughout the summer up until a few weeks before school starts. 
Competition: Most don’t offer this service.

 No charge for return of kits delivered to the school. No hassle.
Competition: Typical restocking fee is 15% + freight (how much will this be?) No returns on personalized items. You must call for authorization. How much time will it take a school employee or kit coordinator to do this?

EduKit: Our school supply packs are delivered to your school or they can be delivered to the home of each student.
Competition: Some kit suppliers typically provide tailgate delivery (you unload the truck yourself). 

EduKit: Name brand middle school and elementary school supplies with some value items for you to consider. If your list requests scissors, we provide Westcott Scissors. If it’s a 5th grade kit we provide the proper, age-appropriate size scissors, not the small children’s size. In addition, we offer a selection of value items to help keep the prices low. We don’t give you products that won’t stand the test of time. Our products are meant to handle student use ...and abuse.
Competition: Name brand products only IF you specify.

EduKit: No contract is required.
Competition: Typically a complicated contract with fine print. Watch out. 

EduKit: You will work with the same rep for the entire process. There will not be a different sales contact, billing contact, or shipping contact. EduKit provides the highest level of personal service in the industry. Phone, fax, email - whatever works for you. We don’t just work 9-5.
Competition: Typically multiple points of contact for estimates, invoicing, etc.

EduKit: EduKits come packed in beautiful, brown boxes. Brown is beautiful because our boxes are easily recycled and therefore truly "green"! They also come in varying sizes allowing us to fit all of your school supplies in one box 99% of the time, which makes distribution much easier! Want a memory box with handles? We have those too! 
Competition: Lots of ink and lots of work to distribute items that don't fit in the boxes.

EduKit: Yarn, sheets, pillowcases, T-shirts, checkbook covers, checkbook registers, wash cloth, dice, pinto beans, rice, craft feathers, coffee filters, sequins, googly eyes, felt squares, buttons, glitter, tapestry needles, cookie sheets, aluminum foil, straws, toothpicks, sandpaper, and many more odd items we have included in our kits.
Competition: Don’t think so!