Order Supply Kits for School This Year

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Schools across the country are busy setting up their EduKit back to school kit programs now. EduKit simplifies school supply shopping by delivering pre-approved school supply packages directly to the school for students and teachers to enjoy. While the best time to register a school is April, EduKit is prepared to work with schools at any time to meet their needs.

“It’s difficult to put into words how impactful our school supply kits can be for your school,” EduKit Owner Al Alvares said. “First and foremost, we created EduKit with the goal of ensuring that every student at your school is equipped with the supplies they need to succeed. Beyond that, though, we also save parents from the burden of back-to-school shopping and give teachers a classroom full of ready, excited students from day one.”

EduKit has built on these goals since its foundation in 1993 and has since partnered with thousands of schools to deliver name-brand school supplies affordably and conveniently. The program is simple for schools to set up and gives busy parents a convenient solution for ordering kits for school.

Schools begin the process of creating a kit for the school by providing EduKit with teacher-approved supply lists. In turn, EduKit responds with a FREE quote that includes all the school supplies needed. Each school will be partnered with a dedicated account manager to help customize their program to meet the school’s needs.

After finalizing the lists, EduKit provides everything the school needs to inform parents of the option to buy a customized school kit complete with everything their child needs for the upcoming year. Parents can easily purchase the kit in minutes online, and their child’s customized supply kit for school is delivered for free directly to the school.

“We know from personal experience that life’s best moments can be the little ones, and far too often, the back-to-school rush gets in the way of those,” Alvares said. “That’s why we want to help parents and schools make that time of year easier than it’s ever been.”

EduKit prides itself on providing the best experience for every school, and it confidently offers a 100% money-back guarantee with zero restocking or return shipping fees. Having strong relationships with more than 200 suppliers, the company includes industry-leading brands in its kits, including Bic®, Crayola®, Sharpie®, and more.

Partnering with us can help every party involved learn more about our program and benefit from it. Students receive all their favorite supplies from the best brands available in their supply kit for school; parents save time and money on their back-to-school shopping; teachers are confident that they will be met with a room full of eager, prepared kids; and school coordinators enjoy a smooth, easy-to-navigate process.

“We like to use the term 100% awesome guaranteed,” Alvares said. “That means unbeatable convenience, quality, and satisfaction with every order. We love offering a helping hand to educators and parents when they need it, and we can’t wait for your school to be next.”

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