How to Help Your Child Adjust to Distance Learning

Distance learning kit

Here at EduKit we're passionate about education and providing students with the resources they need to thrive. And if your child needs a distance learning school supply kit to help them with their online schoolwork, we have prepackaged distance learning school supply kits deliverable directly to your home. Continue reading below to learn more about ways you can help your child — and yourself — adjust to distance learning.

Find a Routine

School is all about consistency, and one of the best ways to remain consistent is by establishing a routine. Some of this will be worked into the schedule by individual schools as many students are required to attend virtual class throughout points of the day. But there is also plenty of downtime that can make it easy for students to get off track.

Help your child stay focused by scheduling certain hours of the day to complete work for different subjects. This will allow them to approach their day with a schedule, just like a normal day of school.

Create a Classroom – Complete with Distance Learning Kit

When a student is in an environment they associate with school and learning, it makes it easier to focus on their studies. That can be difficult to recreate at home, but crafting a dedicated space for learning with distance learning kit can be beneficial to their focus and engagement with online learning. From bedrooms to dining room tables, any area can be used as a dedicated classroom.

Have your child set up a workstation before school that is easy to pack away after school. This makes it easier for them to separate school time and personal time.

Have P.E. Class

Parents, this one’s for you, too! School levels from kindergarten through high school almost always have a dedicated P.E. class at some point throughout the day. In some environments, the switch to distance learning has removed that from the schedule. Not only can that be detrimental to students’ health, but it also prevents them from receiving a well-deserved break to go have fun.

Bring back P.E. by hosting your own class at home with the help of our distance learning kit! Ask your kids what their favorite games or activities are during normal P.E. and do your best to recreate them at home. This will give everyone a chance to get some exercise in the middle of the day.

Maintain Community

No matter what grade your child is in, deviating from normal social activity is difficult. Rather than being around friends, peers, and teachers five days a week, they find themselves at home and isolated from their best buds. You can help maintain a sense of community by keeping your eye out for opportunities to encourage interaction. From virtual play dates to encouraging your children and their friends to review each other’s schoolwork, maintaining interaction can have many benefits.

Be Patient

This adjustment is not easy for anyone. Think about your own work-from-home situation — chances are there are times during the day when you may lose motivation or focus, so why treat your child’s schooling any differently? If you notice them becoming frustrated with an assignment or losing interest in their work, take a quick break with them to allow them to reset their minds. Whether it’s a snack break or a quick game of basketball, these can be beneficial for their overall productivity.

Our team at EduKit is doing everything in our power to make some of these adjustments as easy as possible. We are excited to continue equipping students with the resources and distance learning school supply kits they need to thrive. If you need new school supplies to last throughout the rest of the school year, order a grade-specific school supply pack today!

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