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It was wicked easy!!

I just had to tell you how awesome the online ordering for EduKit’s were - I think I did it for our family in less than 2 minutes!!

“We surveyed parents and they said the prepackaged school supply was the best service the school provided them all year.”

I ordered online in less time then it took to get the kids in the car!

It’s one stop shopping!

“What a fantastic company to work with!”

EduKits are wonderful, the supplies are of best quality, they bend over backwards to make each kit perfect!

I appreciate your effort to make “back to school” enjoyable and hassle free! 

EduKit makes it so easy and affordable!

“How could you go wrong with EduKit? You have to give it a try!”

I love the EduKit idea...it saves lots of time and money. 

Now I don't have to deal with impulse buying while I'm trying to get the list complete for 4 kids!

EduKit is a life saver!!!!!

Finding Edukit after all the research I did was a priceless discovery!

Sweet! I just ordered my EduKits on-line, this makes life so much easier!

So nice to have a one stop shop and know that we were getting a GREAT deal!! 

Great idea, making life easier for all.

EduKit gets top points for customer service

To know ALL of my daughter's school supplies were waiting for me at the school . . . priceless!"

Thank you so much for making this easy for me! I’ll definitely use EduKit every year!