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We have been using Edukit for more than three years. We spent a good deal of time pricing various options and found Edukit to be the most competitive pricing option as well as the most flexible group to work with. This price flexibility has made it a true value and service to our families many of whom remind PTA often to "make sure the Edukits are back this year." Personally, I have found the staff to be exceptionally attentive and helpful in making sure the process runs smoothly for us. Since we do this on a volunteer basis, this has been invaluable to the people organizing the effort.

Phyllis Albritton
Wilmot Elementary PTA President Elect

I wanted to let you know everyone at St Mary's was very impressed with the customer service and we did not receive even one complaint from teachers or parents. I am looking forward to working with you again in the months to come!

Barb Weese
St. Mary's

At Normandy Elementary, we are so pleased with EduKit. We appreciate the company's effort to provide our school with specific, special order items (i.e. art supplies) so that parents don't have to search all over town and then settle for a product that is "close" to what the teacher requested. Everyone here knows they can depend on EduKit for their child's school supplies!

Meredith Pritchett
EduKit Chairperson, Normandy Elementary

Great customer service...EduKit responds to all questions immediately and always reminds us of all deadlines ~ superior communication! Thanks for everything!!

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

Hi. My name is Vicki Winterroth. My school has been with EduKits for over ten years. I have been working with the company for my school, for about seven years. EduKits are wonderful, the supplies are of best quality, the people with the company bend backwards to make each kit perfect and affordable for your school. They are delivered timely and reorders are there as so as you need them. If you have any extras left over they will pick them up at no charge. They are the best and I will recommend them to every school I will have any contact with for years to come.

Vicki Winterroth
Betty Adams Elementary
Mandalay Middle School

We surveyed parents and they said the prepackaged school supply sale was the best service the school provided them all year.

Camill Whitright, PTO President
Foothills Elementary
Colorado Springs, CO

Parents think it’s terrific because it is one-stop shopping.

Julie Clas, Bookkeeper
Timberview Middle School
Colorado Springs, CO

Convenient! The supply sale keeps parents from going store to store to buy school supplies. Plus, parents are assured their children will have the supplies they need on the first day of class.

Beth Yeager, Principal’s Secretary
Parr Elementary School
Arvada, Colorado

What a fantastic company to work with!

LaNett Evans, PTO Representative
Academy International Elementary
Colorado Springs, CO

Everything went fabulously with the EduKit! I really appreciate all of the help you gave me. You made it a very simple process and were a pleasure to work with!

Thanks again! I'll probably be the contact for next year too.


Thanks so much!

You've been awesome to deal with---


Thank you for all of your help with this. It was really a breeze to do and that is so appreciated. If you ever need a testimonial or reference for another school - let me know.


I have had the pleasure of dealing with EduKit for six years. When my son started school full time, we purchased our first grade kit from his school. I was so impressed with the convenience of EduKit that when a new school was built in our neighborhood, I introduced EduKit to this school and have been the school coordinator ever since. My son is now in 6th grade and I can't imagine ordering supplies any other way. All of my four children receive their school supplies through EduKit. As our school's coordinator, I cannot tell you how pleased parents are at the convenience this service provides to them, especially now when gas prices are so high. EduKit makes is so easy! In the spring, they remind us to begin thinking about school supplies. They review the lists and get the orders exact so there are no surprises when the kits arrive. The products are name brand items, the same things I would buy for my kids in the stores. They have special ordered several items for us over the years. When given a time frame for delivery, they usually deliver on the earliest day. They immediately correct any problems, even if it isn't their fault. If you need extra kits, they get them to you quickly, even after school has begun! And, there is no risk to schools because they will pick up any kits that are not sold. It is a total win-win situation for everyone involved. Not only that, but each year, EduKit even designs the fliers that I send out to my school community for me! This year, I had several parents come up and tell me that they thought that the kits prices seemed high in the spring, so they decided to purchase the supplies themselves. Even with things on sale, they ended paying almost exactly what the kit price was! EduKit makes everything as simple as possible. Not only are they amazing to work with, but they also offer a referral fee for referring new schools to their company! How could you go wrong with EduKit? You have to give them a try!

Marci Block

I reported to the board how great it was to work with you and have recommended that next year we work with you again, and that we start our “advertising” campaign a couple of months earlier, so parents have the ‘heads up’ about supplies. We can start promoting earlier to get more involvement. Thanks again!

Bern J

Thank you again for another successful year of delivering school supplies to our families. From all of us who use EduKit, we appreciate your effort to make “back to school” enjoyable and hassle free! On behalf of our school administration we are very thankful for your donation of $250 so that children in need received all of their school supplies too. Those families are all so grateful.

Meredith Pritchett

Carrie Oltmanns
Mitchell Elementary

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