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When it comes to looking for school supply stores, you won’t find anything as convenient, as easy to use or as fun as Edukit.com. Our prepackaged school supply services, allow you to avoid the back- to-school shopping crowds and get everything you need in our online school supply bundle store.

What distinguishes EduKit apart from other school supply stores is our exceptional commitment to customer service and the convenience we offer our customers for every step of the process.

Many other school supply stores will have multiple points of contact.Not so with Edukit. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of personal service in the industry, and when you choose us, you get a personal account representative who will work with you up until the day you get your school's supplies and even afterward, providing support and assistance in sales, billing contact, and shipping.

Your school supplies can be ordered from us throughout the summer, up until a few weeks before schools starts, and if you find an issue with your kits, we make them easy to return—at no additional cost. No contracts are required. In addition to being convenient to order and customizable, our packs are stocked with only quality, age-appropriate name brand items—which are not just limited to traditional school supplies. From yarn to sheets to pillowcases and T-shirts, we can supply your students with everything they need for creative learning activities and more.

In fact, EduKit easily sets itself apart from other school supply stores by offering dice, pinto beans, craft feathers, coffee filters, sequins, googly eyes, glitter, cookie sheets and aluminum foil—in addition to traditional school supplies like pencils, markers, paper and crayons.

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