Texas - Education Supply Stores

To call Texas a large state is a bit of an understatement. With a total population of over 25 million people, Texas is also home to more than five million students. To put things in perspective, the state of Colorado has a total population of 5.457 million----Now that’s a lot of students! Although Texas was only its own country for a brief period of time (the Republic of Texas from 1836 until it joined the states in 1846), the diversity and vastness of the still make a road trip across the state feel like an international adventure! In Texas, no two cities are alike. But, every city and the state as a whole place a high value on quality education.

A Good Education Starts On Day One

Public education continues to be a major stakeholder in state spending dollars. With so many students depending on a quality education, it’s important for coordinators, teachers, and parents to work together to build an environment primed for learning. Part of what makes a good education are the tools with which students learn. When all the students in a classroom show up on the first day of school prepared, the ball gets rolling rather quickly.

A Better Way to Shop School Supplies in Texas

Children might be the only ones to get excited about school supply shopping. Even then, most of the excitement is reserved for the “fun” supplies: crayons, glitter, paint. Meanwhile, the parents strain their eyes looking at a list, scratch their heads as they search for the items, and ultimately come back to the cart distressed and exhausted.

Sometimes a teacher’s entire lesson involves the use of a specific tool. Unfortunately, the craze of the back-to-school shopping means that certain supplies will be difficult to find when every other parent is hunting down items for each of their children. For many teachers, the brand of a supply makes a big difference as well. Substitutions are easier to make in store but not every calculator or compass is going to function as well as the next. But there’s a perfect way to jump over the hurdles of the back-to-school race---a school supply kit delivered straight to the school!
What more could a coordinator, parent, or teacher ask for? Coordinators can set up a supply bundle program at their school. This type of program provides students with all the school supplies they need to start the year off right. The convenient kits make everyone happy. Now moms and dads can skip the store wars and save their energy for another shopping battle---perhaps around the holidays. Busy, working class parents may find it difficult to take the time out of their schedules to take the kids shopping. Unlike the quick trip to the store for milk and eggs, the trip to the store for school supplies is a much more challenging and sometimes competitive experience.

Affordable and Easy Set-Up

Convenience doesn’t always have to come with a high sticker price. EduKit provides students with well-packed school supply kits that are delivered to schools free of shipping costs. Coordinators can even order in bulk by grade, school, or specific items. This is a great opportunity to order extra supplies in case a student or two are unable to get the supplies on their own. With our colorful marketing materials, coordinators can spread the word about EduKit so that every parent and student has the opportunity to check it out for themselves! Many parents and teachers have raved about the convenience of EduKit; it saves time and limits stress for the parents and meets the teacher’s needs by supplying every student with the appropriate tools.

If you want to give the new school year a power boost, consider setting up EduKit at your school today. Convenience and quality packed and delivered straight to the school or home at a price that everyone can smile at.