School Supply Kits for Kids

We create customized supply kits that EXACTLY match the school supply list for your class!

school supply kits for kidsHello Teachers! Sometimes gathering the correct teaching supplies, and making sure each student has what you'd like for the first day of class can be stressful, time-consuming, and just a complete headache. Let us do the work for you. We create customized school supplies kits that EXACTLY match the school supply list for your class!

We want everything to run smoothly, every time. That’s why we have developed the perfect plan to help you get started. You and your school’s coordinator will develop a list for the school supplies kits, which can become your exact order to us. It’s that easy. We will get you a free quote for our school supply kits for kids within 3 business days. Before you know it, we’ve sent marketing materials and order forms to get you want you want – the perfect school supply kits for kids at your school. It’s that simple. Your needs are met when every student has their school supplies kits containing just what they need on the first day of class - with free delivery, no less. Customized Edukits eliminate the hassle of shopping at busy school supplies stores by delivering exactly what each student needs to be ready for the first day of class.

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Will EduKit be able to get the special items requested by our teachers?
A: Absolutely! Your EduKit will include every item on the list including out of the ordinary or special order items. Teachers really appreciate their students being prepared with the correct supplies.

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Thank you again for another successful year of delivering school supplies to our families.  From all of us who use EduKit, we appreciate your effort to make “back to school” enjoyable and hassle free.

Meredith Pritchett