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It’s time to experience something convenient, easy, and exciting. Welcome to EduKit! We provide complete packages of quality, name-brand school supplies for students without the hassle of doing it yourself. Shopping for school supplies can be time-consuming and stressful; that’s where we come in. There’s just no substitute for quality products, accurate orders, and competitive pricing.

Our customers get great value. Period. The best products with incredible service. In addition, we offer a selection of value options to help keep prices low. We don’t offer products that won’t stand the test of time. The products we deliver to you are made to handle student use and abuse.
school supplies We make things simple. Teachers, parents and students will all be happy with the program. Why? Because we eliminate the hassles associated with back-to-school shopping. Teachers get EXACTLY what is on their supply list. And to top it off, students are 100% prepared for the first day of class. Plus, all-inclusive EduKits are conveniently packaged and easy to distribute.
school supplies school supplies

Convenient!  The supply sale keeps parents from going store to store to buy school supplies. Plus, parents are assured their children will have the supplies they need on the first day of class.

Beth Yeager, Principal’s Secretary
Parr Elementary School