School Supply Kits - FAQ

Faq's on Our School Supply Pack Services

1. Q: How does the EduKit program work?
A: EduKit furnishes school supplies for kids packaged in individual "kits" which are custom made to match supply requests from teachers in each grade. Once parents purchase the kits, they’re ready for pick-up on or before the first day of school. Or, they can even be delivered to the home of each student.

2. Q: What’s the main advantage of EduKit?
A: Teachers and parents all appreciate and benefit from the program. Teachers get the exact supplies students need. Parents avoid last-minute back-to-school lines. And students love it too. They get the supplies they need for the first day of class.

3. Q: Is EduKit a one-source program?
A: Yes. That’s why it’s so easy. Everyone gets exactly what they want, exactly where they want it delivered, right on time for back-to-school. All from a single, convenient source.

4. Q: How does my school get started?
A: First, send EduKit a list of the school supplies for kids in each grade. We enter the items into our system and send you a free quote. Next, find out how many parents want to purchase kits. Once the order is placed, we build the school supply kit, and deliver it to your school at your convenience or to the home of each student.

5. Q: Who will organize this type of program at my school?
A: The PTA, PTO, or other parent organization will take charge and organize the school supply kits at your school.

6. Q: I bet parents really like the EduKit Program?
A: No kidding. Driving across town to get the right notebook. Not there. Driving to the next store to get the right notebook. Not there. With EduKit, it’s always there – right in the classroom – right on time.

7. Q: Is there a minimum order quantity?
A: No! Your school is not required to purchase a minimum number of kits. Lots of busy parents will really appreciate the convenience of purchasing a school supply kit for their children!

8. Q: Do you guarantee delivery?
A: Of course, we'll deliver your kits on time, just like you'd expect!

9. Q: What if parents need more time to order?
A: No Problem! Our Last Chance Program allows parents to order online throughout the summer up until a few weeks before school starts.

10. Q: Can EduKit get the special items requested by our teachers?
A: Absolutely! Your EduKit will include every item on the list including out of the ordinary or special order items. Teachers really appreciate their students being prepared with the correct supplies.

11. Q: What if we have EduKits leftover when school starts?
A: EduKits are risk free for your school. Any remaining kits delivered to the school can be returned and you will receive full credit for them. There are no delivery or restocking charges for returns.

12. Q: Who will coordinate the EduKit program at our school?
A: Typically, a parent volunteer or a school office staff member will run this program. It is very simple to execute and does not require a huge time commitment.

13. Q: What do teachers think of EduKits?
A: Teachers are absolutely thrilled with EduKits. Students come to class prepared with exactly what their teacher requires, not something that is “close enough”.

14. Q: Why would parents want to purchase an EduKit?
A: Convenience and value are paramount in our busy lives these days. Parents will save time and money while avoiding frustration. Most busy parents really appreciate not having to shop for school supplies for kids.

15. Q: Can I save money if I shop at the superstores during the back to school sales?
A: We have done surveys time and time again that reveal you will spend the same or more by going to superstores to purchase school supplies for kids even at back to school time. Most of us are glad to tip the pizza delivery guy a few dollars to bring us our dinner. Why wouldn’t we do the same for this shopping to be done for us?

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