California - Teacher Supply Store

During the long-awaited summer months, families flock to the West Coast, where sandy beaches and cool waves await them. For the families that reside in the Golden State, vacation is in your backyard! Disneyland, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, San Diego Zoo down south, and plenty of museums, parks, and activities to give every child a memorable summer. But as all students come to understand, the summer is not eternal. Summers are a reward for a student’s hard work throughout the school year. And when the vacation winds down and the kids hit the books, parents have to adjust their schedules and prepare for the back-to-school shopping.

Fighting the Back-to-School Shopping Crowds

Back-to-school shopping is much like rush hour in the busier cities of California. The traffic is preposterous, there seems to be too many people in the same place at the same time, and it takes forever to get somewhere...anywhere! Parents might be wondering: “Where can I find a teacher supply store near me in California that actually carries everything my child needs?”
California is a big state. Not only is it a big state in terms of its size, its a big state with a large population. Within the 1,025 school districts of California are 10,453 schools and 6,226,737 students enrolled in the public school system. There are also the students not accounted for that attend private schools. That’s a lot of kids! Even if you’re living outside of the busy cities, fighting through the lines at the store can be just as frustrating as figuring out creative ways to get your kids up in the mornings.

Coordinators Save the Day!

For parents and teachers, the first day of school is quite an adventure. The parent has to readjust their schedule so they get up in time to get ready, get their kids ready, take them to school, and head to work. Throw in back-to-school shopping on top of that and you’re looking at many tired pairs of eyes. Teachers have to memorize twenty-something names, match those names to the faces, and ensure that every kid is fully prepared to follow the lesson plan. But the first day doesn’t always go smoothly when students aren’t equipped with the right school supplies.

Parents may have done their best to get everything the teacher requested, but with so many students and parents rushing to the stores for the same reason, the “while supplies last” line at the end of a back-to-school sale advertisement becomes all the more evident. Meanwhile, teachers have to figure out a way to make the lesson work for everyone without dampening the information or excluding anyone. It’s a necessary first step to ensuring the year goes as planned so that every student end the school year fully prepared for the grade to come.

School coordinators and PTA/PTO organizers can help make the back-to-school shopping experience much easier. Rather than scrummaging through store aisles with frazzled hair and desperate eyes, parents can sit back in a desk chair and order all the supplies their child needs with a click of a mouse. All school coordinators have to do is set up the school supply ordering program through their school and send students or parents home with the order forms. Coordinators can work with teachers to formulate a perfect school supply list and even order the kits in bulk when students or parents turn in their order forms. Now coordinators can ensure the school year starts off with a bang. Parents can save time and money and teachers can teach with confidence, knowing full-well that every student is prepared.

If you’re a school coordinator, parent, or a teacher that wishes to inform your school about this convenient program, contact EduKit online school supplies us today.