Teacher Supplies - Colorado

The Centennial State boasts beautiful mountains and lush forests, and many families are fortunate enough to call the scenic state of Colorado their home. Colorado’s school system serves a diverse population of over 800,000 students across 1805 public schools. The CDE (Colorado Department of Education) continually strives to improve and advance the education system across the state to prepare students for the changing workplace worldwide. A bright and successful career begins with a well-rounded education. To “start strong,” as the CDE puts it, is the first step on the student’s ladder of success.
Start Strong, Finish Graduate Ready
Teachers know all too well the challenges of accommodating ill-prepared students. “Unprepared” comes in many shapes and sizes. For example, a student is unprepared when he shows up for a test on a subject he has not studied. Likewise, a student is unprepared when she shows up empty-handed to a class that was told via a school supply list to purchase a composition book before the start of the year. This is often the case at the beginning of the school year when students bring whatever their parents were able to purchase at the local store. With a high demand for supplies at the close of summer, long lines and chaotic aisles have become a part of the back-to-school tradition. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

Teacher Supplies

Teachers work hard to create their day-to-day lesson plans. Many times, the success of a lesson depends on how well-prepared the class is at the start. Students take in the information via the teacher or a textbook, but in general, knowledge only sticks when it is applied. A math textbook is helpful only when a student has the tools he or she needs to apply the information. Reading the lesson for algebra won’t help a student pass an algebra test quite like solving algebra problems will. But ensuring that students have all the right school supplies before the start of school can be challenging.

Coordinators make it easy for teachers to dive right into those first lessons by ordering school supply kits that can be delivered straight to the school. Now, teachers can embark on their new school year journey with confidence, knowing that every student has all the right supplies.

Order Special Products, Too!

Your list is our command! Anything a coordinator might add to the list to keep the class happy and the teachers sane can be ordered with ease. Coffee filters, sponges, plasticware, for the teacher’s lounge (a teacher’s kit!) or in-class craft supplies like t-shirts, felt, googly eyes, and glitter for those messy but exciting group projects. Coordinators can work with each teacher to build the perfect list. With our available marketing tools, coordinators can make it known across the campus that EduKit school supply kits are a convenient and affordable option for any parent looking to catch a break from the post-summer madness.

Teach Well-Prepared Students

Enrollment has grown every year in Colorado schools since 1988. Student dropout rates continue to decrease while graduation rates climb. Teachers, coordinators, parents, and the students themselves all put in hard work during the school year. Education takes a group effort, and school supply kits help everyone out by simplifying the shopping process that is all too often tedious and problematic. EduKit makes school supply shopping convenient and hassle-free---parents and teachers can’t get enough.