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North Carolina is a state of “firsts.” Babe Ruth hit his first home run on March 7th, 1914 in Fayetteville. Fayetteville is also home to the first mini-golf course. North Carolina has deep roots in American history, with Roanoke Island being the first settlement for English colonists in America. And much like the state of North Carolina, children experience many “firsts.” First word spoken. First steps. First day of school. And even after a kid’s first day of school, he or she will have plenty more “first day of school” scenarios with each coming school year. Though the first day can be both exciting and nerve wracking for a student---a new classroom, new students, new teachers---the parents and teachers also experience their fair share of nerves.

Shopping for School Supplies

Finding the time to shop for groceries is hard enough. Add onto that the handful of lists teachers have for incoming students, and parents are practically sprinting to the stores to get everything and every little one ready in time for the first day of school. Teachers, on the other hand, have to be prepared for plan B when a student comes to class unprepared. Maybe they can pair students off so there are enough supplies for everyone. Maybe they have to alter the lesson for the day to ensure that everyone has a fair chance at comprehending the material. Either situation is not ideal, but there is an easy way to get around that. A convenient system that satisfies both parents and teachers, and one that can be integrated into the start of the year routine by the school’s coordinator or PTA.

Skip the Store Shopping

When a child scrapes her knee after running too fast or falling off a bike, a first aid kit can really come in handy. Everything you need conveniently placed in an easy-to-grab box: band aids, antibacterial cream, gauze, and more are ready to go. Without a first-aid kit, parents might spend a bit more time running around the house looking for band aids, cleansing wipes, and everything they might need to quickly take care of the cut. First aid kits exist because they’re convenient and contain everything one might need to take care of a non-serious injury for a quick fix. Shopping for school supplies can be quick and convenient, too. Rather than a parent running store to store looking for the right supplies, coordinators can save parents and teachers a bunch of time by organizing school supply shopping through an online ordering system that provides each student with a kit made to match exactly what the teacher requests for the school year.

First Day of School

Finding a school supplies store in North Carolina seems simple enough. Most stores have back-to-school sales that advertise discounted pens, notebooks, binders, and more. Many of these stores aren’t just selling school supplies, however. Many are regular grocery stores, with a limited selection of brands and supplies. Meeting the needs of a teacher’s school supply list when going store to store is not an easy task. Teachers might request a specific item because their experience has proven that it works the best for the lesson they intend to teach whereas a substitute product might function in an entirely different way. For example, calculators. Calculators come in many forms, and depending on what kind of math the student is doing, one calculator that works great for one math class might not work at all for another. Teachers can make the list they want and parents can shop for all the supplies their children need without wasting time or money. Instead, they can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their kids will be fully prepared for class.
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